Daughter of God

An edge-of-your-seat thriller...This one will cause a lot of sleepless nights!
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"Persuasively written, fact-based fiction that takes on an endlessly gripping subject matters of faith decided by political expediency rather than spiritual value".
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"A superb thriller!"
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Daughter of God

Daughter of God is the way thrillers are supposed to be written. The plot and concept are unlike any on the shelves today. A read you won't soon forget!" -- CLIVE CUSSLER

The Vatican has lost its most closely held secret--a secret whose exposure could shatter the foundations of Western religion, shift world power and ignite religious violence the likes of which the world has not seen for centuries.

The secret? Irrefutable proof of a female Messiah named Sophia. Born in the Holy Land in A.D. 310, Sophia was known for performing healing miracles. Her divinity so threatened early Christian dogma on the inferiority of women that she was executed while still a girl by church authorities.

In the present, art broker Zoe Ridgeway visits Switzerland with her husband, Seth, where she expects to purchase the estate of a German art collector. But before Zoe can complete the transaction, she and Seth are drawn into a thousand-year-old web of conspiracy, murder, and intrigue that begins and ends with the mystery of Sophia--and all the powerful forces who seek to protect their patriarchies from a divinely feminine truth.

Questions About Daughter of God
Answered By Author Lewis Perdue
How Much of This Book Is True?

Daughter of God is fiction based on fact, much of which is easily verified. For example, the true stories of the art theft and how escaping SS troops used looted art to buy their freedom. You can rest firm in the knowledge that many of the art works lost during the war are hanging on the walls of chateaux in the Alps. Many more rest beneath the streets of Zurich.

As I learned first hand, many of these are fantastically valuable, far, far more valuable than the estimation of a human life for someone asking the wrong questions. I had my life threatened in Zurich for asking too many questions. But more than Nazis and stolen art are those that deal with how churches have become institutions of men rather than of the spirit.

The sections of this book dealing with the Nicean Conference and the events and religious controversies leading up to it are true. It is also a matter of public record that Pope Pius XII turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the atrocities of the Third Reich. The recent book, Hitler's Pope by John Cornwell make for an even more compelling case.

Students of history, theology, geography, and political science will find many, many more things in this book that are true.

Did an historical Sophia exist?

Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek. If you read Proverbs Chapter 8, you will find a first person soliloquy by her - one of the few places in the Jewish/Christian scriptures where the male-dominated editing failed to remove a mention of the feminine divine.

To the ancient Greeks and to the modern-day Eastern Orthodox churches, Sophia is a very real, historical woman - or a concept made into flesh. Indeed, the earliest versions of scripture indicate that the Holy Spirit in the Christian Trinity is none other than Sophia.

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Where Did You Get the Idea for Daughter of God? I can thank the old Nazis who threatened to kill me.

Old Nazis? Death Threats?

I have always preferred to build my novels on a solid foundation of fact, and so my preparation for Daughter of God included a massive amount of historical investigation that included hands-on research at the U.S. National Archives into the Art Looting Investigative Unit of the OSS (the World War II precursor of the CIA). I set as my goal the task of locating at least one painting that had disappeared into Nazi hands.

But one day I found myself at an investigative dead-end on a gray, snowy day in Munich where the trail of the art stolen by the Nazis had grown colder than even the December weather.

Little did I know that before the day was over, I would be sitting in an old bomb shelter, meeting with one of Hitler's top aides.

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Can you recommend some good books for further reading?

There are a number of very good and interesting books on the religious aspects, on art theft and about the Nazi's systematic looting of the world's great art collections in World War II -- a shameful act that is still plaguing museums, collectors and auction houses to this day.



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